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Conquest ~ Resurgence Within

- the best Space Strategy MMO!

Tour: Move and place your fleets strategically to defend key territory positions.
High Value targets which give enormous resources, are in demand by 1000s of players
The Universe is vast, with over 100,000 stars, planets, and moons!
An active community keeps you informed on the latest in-game political developments.
There's Four key resources, each of which give you different abilities.
Various ship types have different speeds, combative capabilities and energy use.
Don't trust everything you hear: if territory is given away freely, it's usually Hot! Buyer beware.
Make your mark on the universe, and Play Free. Click play, below.

Jimmy Johnson -
"This game has a great community. I like being able to come back and meet the same people. PS: the chat is a riot! lol."

Todd Elders -
"Expansive... Big Universe to explore"

Jonathan Kemp -
"I like to move my fleets around, where-ever I want. Plus this game doesn't spam your facebook account with a bunch invites"

George Pitts -
"Lots of great updates. I find this game is always evolving. Active developers."

Charley Pesnell -
"The new background looks great! A lot better than before!! Thanks for creating a great game that keeps advancing."

John Campbell2 -
"Its great to be part of a continuously evolving world."

Ralph Wadler -
"Simple at first. Quite a bit of depth, once you get into it."

Greg Thomas -
"I like all the choices. So many playing styles, and the game doesn't take up too much of my time."

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